A brief talk on the prospect of digital signage advertising machine in service industry

How to look forward to the ubiquitous outdoor advertising machine? Especially now, digital signage has been creeping into more non-traditional areas, such as education, services and retail. Much of the success of outdoor advertising machines has been driven by the innumerable vertical malls that have embraced digital signs as a way to attract customers.

A few years ago, airports, hotels will often see advertising machine, now in every corner of the city you can see its shadow. We’re not just talking about static menu displays and video ads. Every time we get caught up in the digital signage advertising machine and it gives us something to work with, it shows that they can do their job quite accurately. When you are close to the ad machine, you can interact with the brand’s digital media, change the interface, and browse through the content, not only to increase the overall experience, but also to enlighten you with the wisdom of the screen.

Digital signage not only attracts customers, they can also collect information about interactive digital signage during installation and use, thus providing customers with all kinds of information and helping businesses better understand customer actions, improve the content to improve the quality of the dialogue. The ability to set up digital screens and measure selling advantages is very powerful, especially in the retail industry. Retailers can better understand their customers’ spending habits by simply looking at where and when they are most likely to spend their money.

When you run into a problem on the road, the first thing you look for is a digital kanban, when you suddenly find yourself at a gas station, a pump, a restaurant, a bank, a vending machine, when you see an outdoor advertising machine at a resort, company, campus, public space, kiosk, etc. , you may have encountered it in many of these places without even realizing it. This illustrates how digital signage Flawless into the customer experience.

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