An outdoor advertising machine is essential to building a smart city

The rise and popularity of outdoor advertising machines, the popularity of LCD/LED and other flat-panel display devices, the development of network streaming media technology, at first by the display screen and DVD player or PC, and then the introduction of network technology, private network media player have replaced the traditional pure DVD or PC format, becoming more versatile and versatile. As a result, it has been juxtaposed with paper media, radio, television and the internet as the“Fifth Media”, with the specified time, the specified place, the specified population for the role of information release.

With the development of social technology, outdoor advertising is changing from traditional static billboard to dynamic digital. The outdoor advertising machine transmits the information not to be affected by the weather and can bring the good vision and the auditory enjoyment, can be widely used in outdoor advertising, outdoor public information release, outdoor media dissemination, touch interactive query and other fields all-weather, greatly improve the picture level sense, can better display details. As the use of outdoor advertising machine scene from the semi-outdoor to full-outdoor expansion, the challenges it faces are more diversified.

The luminance standard of display screen of outdoor advertising machine needs to reach 1500cd/M2 in the unshielded sky light environment to be called outdoor display. Some time ago, Germany, a professional digital signage consultancy for outdoor display a group of evaluation. The contrast between the 450-3000 CD displays is intuitive, and the brightness of just 1500 CD is not good enough in daylight, this means that only 1500CD display brightness will cause visual information transmission attenuation and loss, can not play the effect of attracting attention. However, Samsung’s OHD-series outdoor displays can be as bright as 3,000 cds, double the industry standard, allowing clear, bright displays even in the face of high noon light, allowing images to“Backlight”.

“Anti-glare” as a screen display technology, has been widely used in mobile phones, tablets and monitors and other daily life. But for outdoor advertising machine, if you do not want to become a“Public dressing mirror”, you need a higher anti-glare Index. Especially when used in the traffic information display scene, if the display is not clear or strong light refraction, and so on, will bring a great danger to road safety. Samsung outdoor advertising machine through unique technology, through enhanced image contrast and Samsung exclusive patent reflection elimination film, can effectively enhance the visibility of the screen and reduce the mirror reflection generated by the screen. At the same time, Samsung outdoor advertising machine not only“Anti-glare”, but also“Anti-polarization”. Through the application of circular polarizing technology, the problem of “Display blind area” caused by the traditional liquid crystal display when the human eyes wear polarized sunglasses is solved, and the road traffic safety is guaranteed more comprehensively.

Outdoor advertising machine is an important terminal in the construction of smart city information, is an essential element to build a smart city. The development of outdoor advertising machine will provide strong impetus for the construction of smart city in our country.

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